Initialize constructs a SilviMetric database

The initialize subcommand constructs the basic TileDB instance to host the SilviMetric data. It can be either a local filesystem path or a S3 URI (eg. s3://silvimetric/mydata).


Usage: silvimetric [OPTIONS] initialize [OPTIONS]

Initialize silvimetrics DATABASE

--bounds BOUNDS         Root bounds that encapsulates all data  [required]
--crs CRS               Coordinate system of data  [required]
-a, --attributes ATTRS  List of attributes to include in Database
-m, --metrics METRICS   List of metrics to include in Database
--resolution FLOAT      Summary pixel resolution
--help                  Show this message and exit.


silvimetric --database test.tdb initialize --crs "EPSG:3857" \
    --bounds '[300, 300, 600, 600]'