Command Line Interface

The command line interface (CLI) will facilitate your interaction with Silvimetric from the terminal.

Usage: silvimetric [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

-d, --database PATH             Database path
--debug                         Changes logging level from INFO to DEBUG.
--log-dir TEXT                  Directory for log output
--progress BOOLEAN              Report progress
--workers INTEGER               Number of workers for Dask
--threads INTEGER               Number of threads per worker for Dask
--watch                         Open dask diagnostic page in default web
--dasktype [threads|processes]  What Dask uses for parallelization. For
                                moreinformation see here https://docs.dask.o
--scheduler [distributed|local|single-threaded]
                                Type of dask scheduler. Both are local, but
                                are run with different dask libraries. See
                                more here
--help                          Show this message and exit.

extract     Extract silvimetric metrics from DATABASE
info        Retrieve information on current state of DATABASE
initialize  Create an empty DATABASE
scan        Scan point cloud and determine the optimal tile size.
shatter     Shatter point clouds into DATABASE cells.